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We choose to render more services than we are paid for! We are leaders in the Concrete Polishing, and Epoxy Coating industry, and continuously bring more value to every project! We take more pride in our work than most, and stay focused on Quality. Our motto is "DONE RIGHT EVERY TIME"​. We only select the best to work with, and always stand behind our work. We believe in setting the expectations in our industry! We also believe that communication is the key to success. Our main focus is Quality. We believe the rest will follow.

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Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete has become one of the more popular flooring options in the commercial retail market due to its attractiveness, longevity and easy maintenance. Polished concrete is achieved through a process of progressively using finer grits of Diamonds to create a high-gloss shine.

High Performance Epoxy Systems

Epoxy flooring can be a very nice decorative addition to your work place or home. It has been growing rapidly in the residential flooring market. Epoxy flooring is also a sustainable flooring option in the commercial and industrial market, and has been for many years

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete has the ability to transform old, ugly, or boring concrete, into a new modern look. It can be done interior and exterior. Over 30 different colors to choose from!

Concrete Floors


Floors dominate contemporary design because of their inherent beauty and sustainability. At Allied Concrete Systems, LLC, we’ve been polishing concrete floors in around the country since the 2015. Whether your project is a new construction or a renovation, we know how to get you the look and finish you desire most.

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The floor is made up of small cubes that are polished to give it an even sheen. There’s not only one type; you can create patterns with saw cuts or embed interesting objects into the concrete before polishing, depending on your taste...

How to Stain an Interior Concrete Floor

Staining your concrete floors is a great way to add some pattern and color into the home. There are two different types of stains you can use: acid-based or water based, each with their own set advantages depending on what look you’re going for...

All You Need to Know About Epoxy Flooring

The growing popularity of epoxy floors in Pakistan has made it one the most common choices for home and commercial property owners alike. With its low cost, these durable surfaces provide long-lasting beauty with flexibility that allows you to change up your style easily without...